Add intensity and variety to your workouts with Sport Point dumbbells. You can easily achieve toned back, sculpted arms, and much more with these versatile dumbbells. They are great to improve your overall wellness, to improve balance, and focus on different body parts. They are great for aerobics, cardio, yoga, and strength- building. They are great for at-home use, gym or outside use.

Using dumbbells is a great way to spice up your routine and tone up your body even faster. There are so many moves and exercises you can do with them, which is why Sport Point are so versatile.

Working out with dumbbells allows you to not only work out the exercised muscle but will also require the input from various stabilizing muscles. This allows muscles to strengthen together. If you’re goal is to tone your muscles and build endurance, rather than significantly increase muscle size, select dumbbells that allow you to do about 12 to 20 repetitions of a given exercise before feeling overly tired.

Sport Point features

  • Neoprene finish

    Each pair of dumbbells comes in vibrant colors with a neoprene finish. There are easy-to-ready number, encrafted on the sides on each dumbbell so you can distinguish them better. The durable neoprene coating provides a comfortable grip.
  • Multiple uses

    These dumbbells are sold in pairs to help you achieve your goals faster. You can choose the weight that is going to suit your needs best and improve your strength and muscle mass. They are great for getting in better shape.

Try this interesting exercise:

Renegade row

1- Start in a pushup position with either knees on the floor or raised plank position.

2- Keep your back straight and place Sport Point dumbbells on the floor.

3- Use the dumbbells for support and strong base.

4- Fully extend your arms and keep your elbows close to the body.

5- Raise one dumbbell up until you reach mid line.

6- Pause and then slowly return to start position.

7- Repeat on opposite side.

About our product

Product description

  • Neoprene dumbbell pairs
  • Choose between 12 sizes of pairs
  • Non- slip coating
  • Hexagon shape
  • Easy to read hand weights
  • Add intensity
  • Great variety for different workouts

Price: 19.99 €

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